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Gearing up for the Forest of Reading 2011

As the tickets for the 2011 Forest of Reading Festival of Trees go on sale today, the HSW Literary Agency once again congratulates Richard Scarsbrook on his White Pine nomination for The Monkeyface Chronicles. Richard’s last young adult novel, Cheeseburger Subversive, was nominated for the White Pine in 2005.

The Monkeyface Chronicles, which has been selling well on, tells the story of Philip Skyler, who struggles with the disfiguring effects of a rare and severe facial condition, ”Van der Woude Syndrome,” and with the school bullies who nickname him “Monkeyface.” Called a “multi-layered, engrossing, complex tale” and rated ”highly recommended” by CM Magazine, The Monkeyface Chronicles was published by Thistledown Press in 2010.

The HSW Literary Agency is also pleased to be the agent of record for Marina Cohen’s Red Maple-nominee Ghost Ride, which was published by Dundurn Press in October 2009.

Congratulations, Richard and Marina!

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