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GIRL IN SHADES makes waves south of the border

Perhaps we wrote too soon when we recapped the best of the press garnered by Allison Baggio‘s debut novel, Girl in ShadesA review from Pennsylvania’s The Weekender found its way to our inbox only this morning, and it is quite the rave.

From the review:

It sounds like such an overdone cliche to call any book the coming-of-age story of a young girl. It especially sounds banal in reference to Allison Baggio’s “Girl in Shades,” as her heroine is anything but commonplace…. Baggio manages to give Maya a voice that starts out as a young girl and develops into a woman, and that is no small feat, especially because it isn’t noticeable until after the last page has been turned. 

Baggio’s colorful writing and quirky imagery give life to the story as a whole, propping up even the direst of circumstances. And the absurdity of Maya’s situation lends it a comical tinge. It’s not outwardly funny, but quietly humorous, like the whole thing is an inside joke between the reader and the author.

The full review is available online. Congratulations, Allison, on another great review!

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