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Girl in Shades BaggioAs November draws to a close, the lists of bests and most-memorables seem to come from all corners of publishing. Yes, the HSW Literary Agency thinks it’s a little too early to reflect on the whole year, too. Instead, today finds us rounding-up recent media attention for Allison Baggio‘s debut novel, Girl in Shades.

Hot on the heels of a Allison’s blog tour and a glowing review in Chatelaine came praise from the Winnipeg Free Press, the Guelph Mercury, and Booklist:

There is a tenderness to Baggio’s heroine that is reminiscent of a Judy Bloom character — and as her home life unravels, Baggio articulates Maya’s vulnerability with heart-rending effect…. the feelings are always authentic and well rendered — from the occasionally perplexing loyalty we have for family, to the tragic edict that in every relationship, there is always one who loves more than the other.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“Allison Baggio has woven a captivating story in this, her first published novel….an intense and interesting spin on the coming-of-age tale…. Maya’s story speaks to the wanderer in all of us.”
Guelph Mercury

“…an engaging tale, and Maya…is an always compelling character….”

More recently, Allison shared her road to publication with readers of What’s UP magazine, and Girl in Shades became the only adult novel to be recommended in the December 2011 issue of Canadian Family:

Allison Baggio Girl in Shades

But praise hasn’t been reserved for Girl in Shades‘ contents alone. The book’s beautiful cover–designed by David Gee–was honoured as being one of the five best of 2011 by Quill & Quire!

 GIRL IN SHADES's best cover citation from Quill & Quire

Congratulations to Allison and to the whole crew at ECW Press!

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