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This past holiday season saw the return of the Advent Book Blog, the brainchild of Book Madam‘s Julie Wilson and Books On The Radio‘s Sean Cranbury. Simply stated, the blog’s benevolent purpose is to “[help] you buy better books,” but also to “showcase the enthusiasm that people have for the books that they love. To highlight not only the book, but also the person who recommends it,” and “to build a better community conversation about good books, writers and publishers. Also, we hope to give readers a genuine alternative to the generic holiday reading lists of the Usual Suspects Guild.”

The result? An eclectic collection of passionate recommendations from those working in and around the publishing industry.

Among the 2010 recommendations were a pair of HSW Literary Agency authors:

- Kim Moritsugu had her novel Old Flames recommended by up-and-coming crime writer Robin Spano, who described the experience of reading Old Flames as “living inside [the novel], chilling with the characters.” First published by The Porcupine’s Quill in 1999, Old Flames is available through your favourite independent bookseller, as well as through the publisher (via and online retailers including and

- Allison Baggio, author of Girl in Shades (ECW Press, forthcoming), offered readers two enthusiastic recommendations: Barbara Gowdy’s The Romantic and Sarah Selecky’s This Cake is for the PartyAllison’s own Girl in Shades–sure to be a hit with Advent Book Blog readers in coming seasons–is a gently humorous coming-of-age story that centers on a Corey Hart fan whose struggle to fit in is complicated by her grief over her mother’s death, her alienation from her father, and the fact that she sees auras.


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