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Meagher’s PEARLS IN THE ASHES is a real treasure

Shelagh Meagher, an HSW Literary Agency client since 2009, has just published her first novel.  Pearls in the Ashes (Torriver Press 2012) is the richly evocative and thought-provoking story of Dash, a Tibetan boy forced to leave his nomadic family for life in a Buddhist monastery.

From the description:

Rooted in the history of Mongolia’s Buddhist monks, Pearls in the Ashesis the story of Dash, a young herder who has, at his father’s insistence, entered the Khovor Khan monastery to formalize his education and to escape the crushing poverty of nomadic life. But accepting his father’s will proves far easier than letting go of his own earthly desires. Dash’s already tentative commitment to the lama’s Path is sorely tested when the People’s Party destroys his monastery as part of a violent offensive against Buddhism. As the sole survivor of the bloody purge, Dash must now reconcile his traditional Buddhist upbringing with Communist rule in order to find his way in a suddenly secular country that is itself struggling with modernization. Pearls in the Ashes is an inspired, original story that chronicles a half-century test of the power of faith, and of the human heart’s ability to survive amidst the terror of political repression.

Pearls in the Ashes is now available in paperback and as a Kindle ebook.

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