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Double exposure for Gretchen Roedde’s A DOCTOR’S QUEST

Dr Gretchen Roedde book third developing world maternal women's health infant mortalityDr. Gretchen Roedde, author of the bestselling A Doctor’s Quest (Dundurn 2012), is the subject of two recent profiles: one by the Toronto Star’s Catherine Porter, and another by Norm Tollinsky of the Northern Ontario Medical Journal.

Highlighting Dr. Roedde’s work in the developing world, Porter lauds A Strange Calling–”part diary, part medical journal, and wholly dizzying“–and Dr. Roedde for her ”devotion to suffering women and her fury at the world’s broken promises and failed efforts to help them.”

The Northern Ontario Medical Journal, on the other hand, takes an extended look at the issues at the heart of Dr. Roedde’s life’s work, and notes recent advances in mother-and-child health care, including decreased rates of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS in Uganda. The profile, available online, is an excellent primer for anyone interested in international women’s health issues.

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