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Olivia Anastasia Arnaud

Olivia Anastasia Arnaud has been writing novels since she was eleven years old. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Bishop's University, and a graduate diploma and letter of distinction in Creative Writing from the Humber School for Writers. She won second place in the 2012 Toronto Star Short Story Contest with “After Red,” a tale of classroom violence told through the eyes of a disturbed student.

At the Humber School for Writers, Arnaud completed her adult novel, After Silence, under the tutelage of Richard Bausch. Her first young adult novel, Madd Bandits, is in progress.

Works on Offer:

Adult Fiction
After Silence

Sixteen months after the war, Marine veteran Fynn Casey remains stricken by nightmares of his time in a Japanese prison camp. His wife and children now estranged, Fynn is loathe to confront the loss and betrayal that has so long driven him from his family—until the sudden appearance of his son's beautiful wife, Ilsa. Escaped from a past of prostitution, Ilsa is equally drawn to Fynn, meanwhile striving to find her place within a family that condemns her. 
After Silence chronicles members of the Casey household as they mourn the way of life now past, seek forgiveness that cannot be granted, and hope for love to reconnect them.  

Manuscript forthcoming
Rights: World

Young Adult Fiction
Madd Bandits

Two years after the 2008 recession that left both his parents unemployed, 17-year-old genius Leo Maddock is still coping with his father's subsequent abandonment. Unaware of the financial hole his mother has been left in, Leo now confronts imminent eviction from his childhood home. Desperate, he constructs a plan to rescue his family from debt with the help of his long-time crush, Maggie, and decides to rob a jewelry store.     

Manuscript forthcoming
Rights: World