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Kristina Stanley

Over the years, Kristina Stanley has called Ottawa, Kingston, Saskatoon, Panorama Mountain Village, Georgetown, Boston, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Friedrichshafen her home.

After a degree in computer science and mathematics took her around the world working for Nortel Networks, Kristina and her husband, Mathew, moved on board a Niagara 42 sloop in 1999 and spent four years sailing between Canada and the Caribbean.

In 2004, Kristina embraced fresh challenges as the human resources manager—and later as the director of employee, guest and security services—at British Columbia’s Panorama Mountain Village, a location that would come to inspire her writing. Stone Mountain, a fictitious ski resort located in the depths of the Purcell Mountains, features prominently in both of Kristina’s mysteries. Now writing full time, Kristina divides her time between Ottawa, Kingston and the Bahamas, and is hard at work on her third novel.

During her time in the Humber School for Writers correspondence course, Kristina was mentored by Joan Barfoot, and she studied under Mary Gaitskill at the 2009 Humber School for Writers Summer Workshop.

Works on Offer:

Kalin Thompson Mystery Book #1

Small town, big news. During international race training, an up-and-coming Olympic skier, with an ego and attitude to match his talent, is murdered. Under unusual circumstances, Kalin Thompson is promoted to the director of security in this remote mountain resort and soon becomes torn between loyalty to friends and professional duty.

Kalin's boss wants her to investigate the murder. Her boyfriend wants her to stay safe and let the cops do their job. Kalin wants to do the right thing. There are more motives than there are gates on the super-G course. The danger mounts as Kalin looks for the killer close to home.

Manuscript forthcoming
Rights: World 


Kalin Thompson Mystery Book #2

Instead of exchanging vows with her fiancé, Ben Timlin, Kalin Thompson spends her wedding day trapped by a forest fire in the mountains of British Columbia—and the pregnant friend trapped with her has just gone into labour. Meanwhile, Ben hangs from the rafters of a burning building, fighting for his life...

When the cause of the fire that ruins Kalin’s wedding and levels half of her beloved ski resort is declared as arson, finding the firebug responsible becomes Kalin’s personal mission.

In the course of her investigation as director of security at Stone Mountain Resort, Kalin gets on the wrong side of small-town corruption and uncovers more than just arson. There are those who will go to extreme measures to keep Kalin from exposing their secrets. But Kalin will go to extreme measures to protect what is hers.

Manuscript forthcoming
Rights: World

Kalin Thompson Mystery Book #3

On a cold winter morning, deep in the Purcell Mountains, two hundred thousand dollars are stolen from Stone Mountain Ski Resort hours before Kalin’s brother, Roy, disappears in an avalanche.

Under normal circumstances, as the director of security, Kalin would lead the investigation into the theft, but Roy is the prime suspect.

The RCMP and the president of the resort turn their sights on Kalin. She’s told to stay clear of the investigation and risks her job to covertly attempt to clear Roy’s name.

Threats against Kalin escalate as she gets closer to the truth. Is her faith in her brother justified? Was the avalanche an accident or did something more sinister happen? And is it worth destroying her life for the truth?