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Craig Shreve
Craig Shreve

Craig Shreve was born and raised in North Buxton, Ontario, the final destination for slaves escaping the U.S. south via the Underground Railroad and one of Canada’s National Historic Sites. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science degree, and later enrolled in Humber College’s creative writing program, where he was fortunate to be mentored by Joan Barfoot. He has previously published work in Reflections and Confluence. Simon’s Choice, Craig’s first novel, was a semi-finalist for the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. 

When he’s not writing, Craig actively seeks out new experiences; in the last ten years, he has tried sky-diving, rock-climbing, luge, bungee-jumping, and hang-gliding, and participated in space camp (at the US Space and Rocket Center) and the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Craig’s recent involvement with volunteer travel promises many more adventures to come.

Craig currently lives in Chatham, Ontario, where he is working on his second novel.

Work on Offer:

Simon’s Choice

Looking to put his abusive childhood behind him, Simon Moore heads west to Seattle from the small southern-Ontario town where he was raised. But his plans for a fresh start are thrown into question in the wake of a savage mugging. Torn between the reality of his present suffering and the optimism that he can overcome the tragedies of his past, Simon hangs most of his hope on his on-again off-again relationship with Sarah, the hometown girlfriend who moved with him to Seattle before drifting into a different social circle.

The mugging brings Sarah back into Simon’s life, but it also brings Graham Chasel, the trauma counsellor haunted by his own firsthand experience with violence; Bear, Simon’s mysterious attacker; and fresh memories of and sympathy for the father who Simon still fears.

When Bear contacts him with a message, Simon is forced to confront a secret from his past.  As he puts together the pieces, he is presented with a terrible choice and a test of just how deeply old scars run.

Simon’s Choice is about the actions we take or regret not taking, the relationships we let slip, and the shattering consequences of violence on otherwise ordinary lives. 

Manuscript forthcoming
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