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Alison Lohans

Born and raised in California, Alison Lohans has been writing all her life. She has published over twenty books for children and young adults, many of them Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” selections. This Land We Call Home (Pearson Education, New Zealand) won the Young Adult category of the 2008 Saskatchewan Book Awards, and Picturing Alyssa (Dundurn Press) was a double-nominee for the 2011 Saskatchewan Book Awards.

In addition to her writing, Alison has worked as a teacher and as a writer-in-residence. She has extensive experience in critiquing and editing, and has been a research assistant and project associate for the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. Alison has read and presented at hundreds of Canadian schools and conferences, and was recently honoured with a Jacqui Shumiatcher Woman of Distinction Award for her contributions to the arts.

Work on Offer:

Picturing Alyssa
Dundurn Press 2011

“….An old photo mysteriously transports Alyssa to an Iowa farm in 1931….”

Everything is a mess for 11-year-old Alyssa following the still-birth of her baby sister. Her mother's immobilizing depression renders her dysfunctional as a parent. Alyssa must contend with crises arising from trying to live according to her family's pacifist principles, or simply giving in to the expectations of her 6th grade teacher who is a staunch supporter of the war effort and is unwilling to accept other opinions. Worse, Brooklynne, a popular girl who constantly bullies Alyssa, is escalating her efforts. 

While working on a family genealogy project for a class assignment, an old photo mysteriously transports Alyssa to an Iowa farm in 1931, where she encounters her great-grandmother Deborah at the same age. Through a series of time-trips Alyssa gains a more complete sense of herself and her family's situation. She becomes able to play proactive roles in learning to stand up for herself; helping with her mother's healing; and assisting in small ways to help ease a family crisis in her great-grandmother's past. 

Manuscript available
Rights: World, excluding Canada

Praise for Doppelganger by Alison Lohans:

“…fast paced, with lots of interesting local scenes and colour.”

-- CM Magazine

Praise for The Raspberry Room by Alison Lohans:

“This chapter book will surely be enjoyed by everyone who appreciates imagination...and secret rooms…. Highly recommended."

-- CM Magazine

Praise for Don’t Think Twice by Alison Lohans:

“Lohans is a seasoned writer… and she offers up a sprawling family saga…. There’s a large cast of characters to track…[but] Lohans keeps us curious about them all…. Don’t Think Twice is an ambitious and complex story that reads like an intimate and honest journal. Teenage girls may want to hand this over to their mothers when they’re done.”

-- Quill & Quire